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SourceMunich is our home in Germany. Munich is the state capital of the Free State of Bavaria and with 1,563,723 (as of 28.02.2022, source: inhabitants, the third largest city in Germany and extends over 310.7 km2. The city lies at 519 m above sea level.  Munich was first mentioned in documents in 1158 and became the sole capital of Bavaria in 1506.


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The Oktoberfest (d'Wiesn in dialect) in Munich is the world's largest folk festival. It has been held annually on the Theresienwiese in the Bavarian capital since 1810 (with cancellations due to wars or pandemics) and is an important economic factor for the city. It is held from mid-September to the beginning of October. It is organized by the Munich city council. Some Munich breweries brew a special beer for the Oktoberfest, which must have an original gravity of at least 13.5 °P and contain around 5.8 to 6.4 percent alcohol by volume.

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The Free State of Bavaria is the largest of the 16 states of the Federal Republic of Germany and is located in its south-east. With more than 13 million inhabitants, it is the second most populous federal state. In the south, Bavaria is part of the high mountains of the Eastern Alps and the flat Alpine foothills extending as far as the Danube. North of the Danube, the landscape is dominated by low mountain ranges such as the Bavarian Forest and the Fichtelgebirge. The state capital and most populous city is Munich, a metropolis of millions. It is followed by Nuremberg with half a million inhabitants and Augsburg with around 300,000 inhabitants. Its constitutional system is based on the constitution of the Free State of Bavaria. Bavaria has been known as a Free State since 1918, when it was proclaimed a republic and the Kingdom of Bavaria came to an end.

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